Free Hosting Changes

For a long time now, we here at Madsen Hosting have been trying our hardest at keeping Free Hosting afloat. Both Singapore and the United States are popular locations for our users, however time has taught us, that the cost is too expensive for the gain.


As a result, we will now be removing support for Singapore and the United States, and replacing them with resources from EU. Customers can still purchase and use the Singapore location available in paid plans (Extreme Minecraft).


SNG2 and US1 will cease operating 5. October 2021 


- SNG2 is being removed (on 05/10/2021)

- US1 is being removed (on 05/10/2021)

+ EU Server is being added to replace SNG2/US1 (before 05/10/2021)



This means that you should definitely take the time to backup and prepare yourself to migrate your server to EU.


We apologise to our users who enjoy the additional locations, however Singapore will still remain accessible via our Extreme Minecraft plans.


Web Hosting

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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