Remote Backup infrastructure strengthened

The included remote backup tool for all of our paid Minecraft plans ( has been improved to now be more reliable than ever. Additionally, we have improved the backend servers and moved to a solution that is now much easier for us to scale up, this means:

With scalability, it becomes easier for us to offer you a better solution than before! All of our Minecraft Plan's backup storage have been increased, from up to ten times as much than before on the lower plans! This should ensure you have plenty of space to keep your servers backed up and safe.


Lower latency on Backups for Singapore

With our improved solution, we are now able to offer our Singapore server clients a backup solution stored securely in Singapore! No longer will you have to wait that little bit extra for the transfer to finish, but instead the full speed will be available to you as well!


All of your old backups will naturally remain intact, and you can always download/restore them as needed with the same performance as before.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

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